Journal Volume 18 – 2020

Journal of Australasian Mining History

Volume 18

October 2020



ROSS A. BOTH      1-26
Pitmen poets: Songs and verse from the Australian coalfields
Some mining engineers from South Wales and their role in Australian coalmining
JOHN E. FERGUSON and Jim S. DUGDALE      49-64
The Nugget from Nashville (Gympie) 1868: Of Perseverance and a Prince
RUTH S. KERR      65-79
The Aldershot Smelter, Queensland
LENORE LAYMAN      80-95
Establishing Wittenoom’s asbestos industry: the role of government
DAVID LEE      96-112
Australia’s Embargo of the Export of Iron Ore: a Reconsideration
KEN McQUEEN      113-133
The golden sands of Jerusalem Creek: Early beach placer mining on the north coast of New South Wales
KEITH PRESTON      134-155
Briseis water supply scheme 1901-1910: a premium investment


PETER EVANS      156-168
The mystery of the ‘John Donald’ winding engine …
ROBIN McLACHLAN      169-185
Frank Jay Dunleavy: An Australian Agitator on the Klondike in 1898


Robert W.P. Ashley, The Mining Expert Phillip Davies 1831-1898.      186-189
Reviewers: Alwyn Evans and Bill Jones
Lenore Layman and Gail Philips (eds), Asbestos in Australia: From Boom to Dust.      190-192
Reviewer: Anne Both
Philip Payton, The Cornish Overseas: A History of Cornwall’s ‘Great Emigration’. revised and expanded 3rd edition.     193-194
Reviewer: Peter Bell
Denis Porter, Coal, the Australian Story: From convict mining to the birth of a world leader.      195-197
Reviewer: Alan Murray
Robert Porter, Consolidated Goldfields in Australia: The Rise and Decline of a Mining House, 1926-1998.     198-201
Reviewer: Jeremy Mouat
Marjorie Theobold, The Accidental Town: Castlemaine, 1851-1861.      202-202
Reviewer: James Lerk
Karl Wolzak, No Royalty No Deal: The Story of Royce (Bill) William Allen – Prospector.      203-203
Reviewer: John Rees

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