Journal Volume 14 – 2016

Journal of Australasian Mining History

Volume 14

October 2016



LOUISE BLAKE      1-20
Women on the Woods Point goldfield: a case study in microhistory
The River Loddon & Tributaries Water Supply Company
ALWYN EVANS      37-60
Hall, Hooper, Hoover and the Sons of Gwalia
NIC HAYGARTH      61-76
The “Tin Man”: George Renison Bell, Tasmanian mineral prospector
KEN McQUEEN      77-98
“Tackaringa”: First step to Broken Hill
JAN WEGNER      99-115
Too much haste, not enough prospecting: Mt Garnet Mine and Smelters, North Queensland


CLIVE BEAUCHAMP      116-127
Lead Poisoning and Disease at Broken Hill, New South Wales
ROSS A. BOTH & WARREN FAHEY      128-149
Songs from the Australian Goldfields, Part 2: Life on the Goldfields
KEITH PRESTON      150-169
Tailings disposal at the Arba Mine: A legislative nightmare
DAVID ROGERS      170-181
Herbert Hoover: From Australia to Burma


Lloyd Carpenter & Lyndon Fraser (eds), Rushing for Gold: Life and Commerce on the Goldfields of New Zealand and Australia.      182-184
Reviewer: Philip Hart
Alwyn Evans,
From Wales to Gwalia: A Swansea Editor and his Australian Goldmine.      185-187
Reviewer: Peter Bell
Criena Fitzgerald,
Turning Men into Stone: A Social and Medical History of Silicosis in Western Australia 1890-1970.      187-190
Reviewer: Sandra Kippen
John P. Hamilton,
Adjudication on the Gold Fields in New South Wales and Victoria in the 19th Century.      190-192
Reviewer: Ruth Kerr
Rebecca Macfie,
Tragedy at Pike River Mine: How and why 29 men died.      193-194
Reviewer: Jason Nitz
John Melville-Jones
(ed.), with contributions by Nicola Cousen, Steve Mullins, Stefan Petrow and Marie and John Ramsland, Ludovic De Beauvoir’s Visit to Australia.      194-195
Reviewer: Mel Davies
Garry Richardson,
Lottah and the Anchor: The History of a Tin Mine and a Dependent Town North East Tasmania.      196-197
Reviewer: Nic Haygarth

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