Since September 2003 the AMHA has published the Journal of Australasian Mining History which embraces all aspects of mining history, mining archaeology and heritage.


Journal 2014 Cover

The 2014 AMHA Journal includes:

Robert Ashley: The Life and Times of Edward Bovill Chandler: In Search of El Dorado

Lloyd Carpenter: A Conspiracy to Silence: Reports of Otago gold prior to 1861

Peter Davies and Susan Lawrence: Bitumen paper pipes and technology transfer on the Victorian goldfield

Galiina (Kal) Ellwood: Aboriginal prospectors and miners of tropical Queensland, from pre-contact times to ca.1950

Apurna Kumar Ghosh and Sentai Wang:  Evolution of underground coal mine explosion law in Australia, 1887-2007

Philip Hart: Peter Ferguson and his New Era

Brian R. Hill: Early History of Graphite Mining in South Australia

David Lee: The Development of Bauxite at Gove, 1955-1975

Ken McQueen: Gold in the ‘Mundic’: The Saga of Dargue’s Reef, Majors Creek, NSW

David J. Turton: Codifying coexistence: Land access frameworks for Queensland mining and agriculture in 1982 and 2010

Clive Beauchamp: Disaster at the Australian Agricultural Company’s Mine, Hamilton NSW, 1889

Victor Bibby:  William Bibby: Gold Miner, Engineer & Pioneer - His Life in Australia from 1859 to 1888

Keith Preston: Golconda Goldfield, Tasmania: a source of wealth or despair?


Book Reviews:

Clement EarpThe Yea Goldfields, Reviewed by Robert W.P. Ashley

Ken Grubb, Silver Hill: The University of Queensland Silver Mine Precinct, Reviewed by Peter Claughton

Denis A. Cumming, Richard G. Hartley, Westralian Founders of Twentieth Century Mining: Career Biographies of Mining Engineers, Mine Managers and Metallurgists who Worked in the Western Australian Mining Industry 1890-1920, Reviewed by Mel Davies


Addendum: Jason Shute: When is a Store not a Store? When it’s a Smelting House

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The Australasian Mining History Association accepts articles that relate to various aspects of mining history in the Australasian area, including New Zealand and Papua New Guinea. All submissions should be accompanied by an abstract that does not exceed 250 words and that includes brief details on the background of the author(s).

The author(s) should state when sending their paper whether it should be placed in the refereed or the un-refereed section.  The journal also accepts books for review.

It is expected that before submitting a paper, the author(s) should follow the instructions contained in the journal style sheet that include footnoting procedures, length of article, font, spacing, etc.

Papers should be sent by email or on a disc to:

Mel Davies
Journal of Australasian Mining History
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University of Western Australia
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