Journal Volume 15 – 2017

Journal of Australasian Mining History

Volume 15
September 2017



“A result in excess of expectations”? The Norwegian Mining Party of Waitahuna Gully, Otago,
New Zealand
JIM ENEVER      21 – 46
A Story of Human Endeavour: the Cape Patterson Coal Field, Victoria
MIKE HARDING     47-64
The Nature and Significance of Aboriginal Work in the Northern South Australian Opal Industry
c 1940-1980
NIC HAYGARTH      65 – 80
“Cornwall of the Antipodes”: the ‘Cornish’ tin boom at Mount Heemskirk, Tasmania, 1881-84
NIC HAYGARTH      81 – 98
Shearing the Waratah: “Cornish” tin recovery on the Arthur River system, Tasmania, 1876-1903
KEN McQUEEN      99 – 117
Nymagee copper: Birth, death and resurrection?
KEITH PRESTON      118 – 137
Development of Australian water right legislation 1877-1885: A tortuous process


ROBIN BAILEY      138 – 149
Latrobe River Tin Mines: An 1870’s Mining Scam
ROBIN MCLACHLAN      150 – 165
Booming the Klondike Down Under: The British Columbian Connection


VICTOR T. EDQUIST      166 – 170
‘A review of the gold mining industry of Western Australia¹, Presidential Address, AusIMM,
Bulletin, June 2017,
This is an excerpt from the Proceedings of the AusIMM, No 128. It was delivered in Melbourne
on 27 October 1942. This abridged article first appeared in the June 2017 edition of the AusIMM
Bulletin and is available at


Ross Barnett, (With assistance from Jon Reed), Goldfield Entrepreneurs: The Norwegian
Party of Waithuna Gully, Otago,      171 – 172
Reviewer: Kenneth E. Jackson
Simon Cubit and Nic Haygarth , Mountain Men: stories from the Tasmanian High
Country      173 – 174
Reviewer: Ruth S. Kerr
Bradon ELLEM, The Pilbara: From Deserts Profits Come      175 – 175
Reviewer: Thomas Sheridan
David Lee , The Second Rush: Mining and the Transformation of Australia      176 – 178
Reviewer: Bradon Bowen

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