The annual AMHA conferences are one of the key pillars of the Association. These conferences have been held as stand alone events in historic and current mining centres in Australia and New Zealand, as well as jointly with other organisations such as the Australian Historical Association and the International Mining History Congress.

AMHA conferences are planned, organised and run by a volunteer Organising Committee with assistance from the AMHA Executive. Organising an AMHA conference is a major task with important responsibilities to the AMHA, particularly related to careful forward planning and responsible budgeting.

Guidance and hints for Organising an AMHA Conference are provided by the links below (click on the bold text).

Hints on how to organise an AMHA Conference

Example of budget spreadsheet

Constructing the Conference Proceedings

A template is provided to assist with the preparation of Proceedings volumes with a consistent style. The Proceedings contain introductory material, the extended abstracts and may also include the guides for tours and field trips, if it is convenient to include these in a single volume. New material can be typed into the template and abstracts copied and pasted using the destination or merged settings.

Extended Abstracts   (Check on the Next Conference page for the latest template).

Advice for Speakers